At Shionogi B.V., we are guided by our global heritage, vision and values, whilst also holding dear our nine ways of working (WOWs) – unique to the European organisation – that have been woven into the fabric of our culture since we launched in 2012.


It is through our WOWs that we bring SHIONOGI Group Values to life. Our WOWs and values shape our culture, and guide our decision making so that Shionogi can achieve our global vision of “building innovation platforms to shape the future of healthcare”.

SHIONOGI Group Values

  1. 1
    Be Trustworthy: Pursue honesty, accuracy, fairness, and transparency to earn and retain society's trust.
  2. 2
    Boldness and Innovation: Drive needed change by identifying, understanding, and rapidly leading innovative and new approaches that anticipate the future needs of the organisation and industry.
  3. 3
    Play to Win: Aim high, be competitive, never give up, and strive to achieve goals the right way.
  4. 4
    Respect for Diversity: Appreciate difference and diverse viewpoints, create teams that make each other better.
  5. 5
    Contribution to Society: Contribute to society by addressing unmet needs and supplying the best possible solutions.

Our ways of working (WOWs)

Central to our business is the ethos that ‘everybody counts’. That means that everybody in the organisation is valued for their personal contribution. But also that everybody is accountable to themselves and to others to deliver.


We aim to foster an environment that encourages our people to break out of the boundaries of the traditional pharmaceutical company to create new value for our stakeholders.


We celebrate our diverse backgrounds and appreciate that our different perspectives allow us to all achieve our best. We are inclusive and treat everyone equally and with respect.


In Europe we currently have around 300 colleagues - people from across the spectrum of big pharma and biotech, as well as experts in technology, creatives, entrepreneurs and others - who come together across the continent to do things differently and better.


Our nine ways of working (WOWs) are set out below. They have been woven into the fabric of our culture since we launched in 2012:-

1. Patients first

Ask ‘how will this deliver tangible progress for our patients?’

2. Collective strength

Encourage diversity of ideas and collaboration

3. Wacky ideas

Ask ‘how can we?’ instead of saying ‘we can’t’


4. First hand insight

Listen, speak and interact directly; don’t rely on secondary information

5. Start-up energy

Be nimble, agile, decisive

6. Butt-in

Follow principles, not conventions and structures

7. Learning organisation

Continually strive to improve ourselves and our organisation

8. Mindful

Be thoughtful, present, aware and assume good intentions

9. Straight talking

Be open, honest and transparent

Hear our colleagues describe what the WOWs mean to them in the film below:



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