Grants and donations

We are committed to putting patients first by developing innovative, high-quality medicines which address their unmet needs and improve the quality of their lives.

This page describes our process and contains a link to a form where you can apply for a grant or donation.


Applications for grants and donations will be considered from healthcare and patient organisations in Europe that will support healthcare, research or education. They must be in therapeutic areas where we have proven expertise, including infectious disease, haematology, immunology, women’s health, pain & CNS disorders.

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Applications must meet the criteria set by the local national pharmaceutical code of practice, regulatory and legal requirements of where the applicant organisation is based. They will be reviewed impartially by the Shionogi Grants and Donations Committee. These can be found via the National Codes page on the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) website National codes (



Shionogi has a pre-set budget for Grants and Donations and priority will be given to those applications which, in the Committee’s view, will have the most positive and significant impact on patient care. Decisions made by the Committee are made at the discretion of Shionogi, are final and binding.

Data privacy

Details about how Shionogi will use and protect your personal data, including details of your rights in respect of your personal data, are set out in our Privacy Policy.


If your application is successful Shionogi will securely store the information you provide in accordance with the requirements of the local national pharmaceutical code of practice, regulations and laws.


If your application is unsuccessful Shionogi will securely store the information you provide for two years after the determination of your application, as applicable.

Sponsorship of individuals

For sponsorship of individual Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to attend educational meetings & congresses please contact your local Shionogi Key Account Manager, Medical Science Liaison or regional Market Access Manager.

Investigator Initiated Research

If your application relates to Investigator Initiated Research (IIR)* please contact your local Shionogi Medical and Scientific Liaison Manager or other Shionogi Medical Affairs representative or to submit an online application click here .


*Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) is an exploratory research study conducted in either an open-label or blinded fashion in which a qualified investigator assumes the responsibilities of a Sponsor-Investigator in accordance with Local Health Authority guidelines. IIRs are unsolicited by Shionogi and derived from the academic research interests or clinical experience of independent investigator(s).



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