Global innovation

At Shionogi, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration with external experts to drive innovation and achieve sustainable growth.

Our team of dedicated researchers is enthusiastic about working with academic and industry partners to address unmet medical needs. If your research focus aligns with our areas of interest or technological expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. By working together, we can explore synergistic opportunities and develop groundbreaking treatments that can change lives.

Collaborations in Europe

Partnering with top institutions is a core part of our mission. From Cambridge to Stockholm, we are committed to collaborating with prominent research and development institutions and organisations, as well as investors who share our vision of fulfilling Europe’s unmet clinical needs.


We work with a variety of external partners including world-renowned research institutions, start-ups and spin-offs, biotech companies and venture capital funds:

  • EQT Life Sciences
  • Infex Therapeutics
  • Milner Therapeutics Institute
  • iDMT
  • Inovia Bio
  • ​University of Cambridge
  • Impeller
  • Orthopaedic Research UK
  • University of Birmingham

Strengthening and expanding modalities

Current strength areas

We take pride in our strengths and continuously strive for excellence in all areas. Our industry-leading expertise in Small Molecule, Peptide, and Vaccine development sets us apart globally. As the industry evolves, we remain steadfast in our commitment to remain at the forefront of these areas.

Areas to be strengthened in the future

We will continue to improve our offerings in several areas to meet the changing times and provide the people of Europe with optimal therapies. Our plan is to enhance our capabilities in Nucleic Acid, Digital Therapeutics, Antibody, Drug Delivery, and Comprehensive Care.

By acquiring these diverse modalities, we will discover new treatments that address a range of unmet medical needs.

Partnership opportunities in drug discovery

Disease areas and research focus

We strongly believe that by working in partnership, Shionogi can achieve groundbreaking research that will have a profound impact on patients in both our established field of Infectious Diseases and our new growth areas. For example, we are passionate about developing new therapies for individuals with unmet medical needs who are suffering from respiratory diseases, sleep disorders, hearing loss, or the complex cognitive, behavioural, and psychological symptoms of dementia.

Shionogi is committed to working with like-minded organisations that share our vision and values, and we are keen to establish the potential for collaborations in drug discovery research, animal models and translational research.

Collaboration opportunities in drug discovery

Innovative technologies and modalities

Shionogi’s use of technology is rapidly revolutionising the discovery of drug therapies and disease diagnostics, and is paving the way for innovative treatments.

Acquisition of varying diverse modalities are being explored to unlock new possibilities in the quest for better healthcare solutions that address unmet medical needs.

  • Global innovation strategies and activities

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    Global Innovation

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