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Shionogi aims... ‘To Strive Constantly to Supply The Best Possible Medicine To Protect The Health And Wellbeing Of The Patients We Serve


Our vision...Building Innovation Platforms to Shape the Future of Healthcare


We pursue...The continued search for better medicines and to promote awareness of these medicine


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As the European arm of the Shionogi family, we are committed to developing our own products and commercialising them across Europe. In our short history in Europe we have successfully accelerated the development and registration of new innovative products.


We will grow organically and partner when advantageous for marketing activities. As we grow our commercial organisation, we will strengthen our portfolio through acquisitions and in-licenced products, that fit with our therapeutic focus.


We have a culture that mixes our heritage with our entrepreneurial spirit as we grow the company in Europe

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Our People have been the most important element of our success since Shionogi Europe was formed in 2012

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We have a growing Hospital Specialty Business and a successful Women’s Health Business

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