Meet our HR Business Partners

Our HR Business Partners

We have an experienced and talented team ready to support colleagues through their Shionogi Europe journey, from recruitment to career progression and everything in between. Find out more about them below.

Yvette Buchele
Sr. Director HR Europe (Commercial Operations/Business Development)


“HR for me is about working collaboratively with our business leaders and proactively contributing to the creation of value for our people and patients. I enjoy being part of a learning organisation that is mindful and inclusive.”

Ian Chalmers
Sr. HR Business Partner Europe (Franchise Management/Tech Ops/Legal/Admin)


“As an HR professional at Shionogi, my passion lies in fostering a workplace where individuals can thrive. I particularly enjoy helping to build strong, engaged teams, and ensuring that employees’ well-being and potential are nurtured.”

Jemma Mackie
HR Business Partner Europe (Regulatory/Governmental Affairs/Finance/IT & Digital)


“I’m passionate about my job because it enables me to collaborate closely with our teams and contribute to the success of both our employees and the organisation.”

Francesca Flora
Sr. HR Business Partner Italy & Medical Affairs Europe


“Being able to work together to contribute to create a positive and healthy work place is what I would achieve.”

Elma Lopez
HR Business Partner Spain


“You’re not what you achieve, you’re what you overcome.”

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