Drug discovery


Our development approach goes hand in hand with the collaborative drug discovery process at the heart of Shionogi.


We have an impressive track record of fostering long-term industry partnerships built on trust and a mutual ambition to develop innovative medicines that address unmet medical need. The breadth of our collaboration network demonstrates this commitment, alongside the Shionogi Science Program (SSP), which aims to provide support to researchers driven by the discovery of innovative ideas for drug development and technology, enabling them to search for the answer to their questions.


We choose to focus our efforts on world-class research and staying ahead of the curve in next-generation therapeutic areas.


We are guided by a simple but powerful principle: follow the needs of the patient and the community that surrounds them. This encourages us to collaborate with the best to develop ideas and products that transform patients' lives.

NP-EU-NP-0179 | August 2022