Eli Lilly and Company


Shionogi & Eli Lilly have been working together for over a century in a partnership that began in 1909, when Shionogi first imported Lilly products and began marketing them. We are immensely proud of what we achieve together with Lilly and we look forward to continuing to collaborate for years to come.


OncoTherapy Science, Inc.


We have partnered with OncoTherapy Science, Inc (OTS), a young university-launched Japanese biotech company, for the development of cancer peptide vaccines. OTS share our passion for developing innovative treatments and commitment to early stage technologies and is well known for its cancer genomics research targeting oncogenes and proteins.


Our partnership was founded in 2009 when we licensed global exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and commercialise five oncoantigen derived peptides discovered by OTS. In 2012, we have expanded this partnership to all remaining peptides discovered and owned by OTS. Today, both parties are working hard to deliver this novel cancer treatment to eligible patients as soon as possible.

NP-EU-NP-0177 | August 2022