Questions and Answers Regarding Supplier Registration

Why should I register with Shionogi’s supplier database?

Online registration and approval are required to be considered as a Shionogi Inc. supplier. Registration will help to ensure that Shionogi has the most up-to-date information about your company and assist Shionogi in better understanding your company’s competencies and strengths. In addition, registration will provide your company, if qualified, an opportunity to be considered under Shionogi’s Supplier Diversity Program.

Do I need to register if I am a current supplier?

Yes. Current Shionogi suppliers are required to register and be approved through the supplier registration process.

What does the registration process entail?

The new registration process requires suppliers to complete a company profile that will be stored in a Shionogi database for future access by authorized personnel at Shionogi. The new process allows for all information to be reviewed for approval in a timely manner.

What types of businesses qualify for consideration under Shionogi’s Supplier Diversity Program?

Those businesses that are certified by an approved third party or governmental agency as small, small disadvantaged, minority-owned, women-owned, small women-owned, veteran-owned and/or service-disabled veteran-owned and/or are small businesses located in a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone. (For more information:

Can I be considered for the Supplier Diversity Program without a certification from an approved organization?

For consideration under Shionogi’s Supplier Diversity Program, small and/or diverse businesses must be certified by an approved third party or governmental agency. However, certification is not a condition of doing business with Shionogi.

What is the benefit of registering for consideration under Shionogi’s Supplier Diversity Program?

Shionogi’s Supplier Diversity Program helps to ensure that equal opportunities are afforded to small and/or diverse businesses, and Shionogi actively seeks to increase the amount of business conducted with such businesses.

How often do I need to update my information in the registration?

If any of your business information changes from what was originally submitted, you will need to update the registration so that Shionogi has the most current information.

Who has access to my information?

Only authorized personnel will have access to your information. Shionogi takes steps to protect the confidentiality of your information.

If I have questions or issues, who do I contact?

Am I guaranteed business with Shionogi?

Your registration with Shionogi’s supplier database does not guarantee that your company will be approved as a supplier or awarded business with Shionogi, but it does afford you an opportunity to be considered as a potential Shionogi partner. Bidding is competitive and takes into account, among other things, each firm’s management expertise, operational capabilities and track record.