Meet Our People

At Shionogi, we're in search of better solutions. With our diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences and expertise, we challenge the status quo, invite passionate debate, and work together as one team. We're united in our pursuit of addressing unmet medical needs and are driven to impact patient lives. By continually asking "what if," we uncover more possibilities to make an even greater impact.

Meet a few of our team members below and discover why they work at Shionogi.

Josh Abramson

Director, IT Business Systems

How do we work as a team at Shionogi? Josh believes “you gotta love where you work,” and feels extremely fortunate that he, in fact, does. Watch his video below to discover why he feels that way.

Angelica Acuna

Senior Manager, Human Resources

What kinds of people thrive at Shionogi? Angie believes it’s people of diverse backgrounds who are motivated to make an impact and be a part of something bigger. Learn more about our team in her video.

Kathleen DiBernard

Executive Assistant, Clinical Development

How does Kathleen describe the kinds of people who work at Shionogi? “Caring, disciplined, and dedicated to getting drugs approved.” Watch her video below to discover why she thinks that matters.

Casey Doremus

Associate Director, Business Analytics

What opportunities do you gain at Shionogi? Casey believes that it’s a great place to develop skills in multiple areas and learn something new every day. Hear what he has to say about working here in his video.

Bob Marino

Vice President, Business Development

What are the advantages of working at Shionogi? For Bob, it’s an opportunity to flourish in an entrepreneurial environment and be part of a growing company. Explore his perspective in the video below.

Vanerris McKinney

Associate Clinical Trial Manager

Why did Vanerris choose to work at Shionogi? For her, it wasn’t about the name—it was about the patient. Watch her video below to discover exactly what that means to her.

Suzanne Monahan

Vice President, Hospital Sales

What’s different about Shionogi? For Suzanne, it’s the shared belief that we are more powerful together than when we work alone. Watch her video to hear her perspective on collaboration.

Sean Nguyen

Director, Medical Affairs

How does Sean see Shionogi putting patient first? For him, it’s how we develop patient-centric solutions. Learn more from his video below.

Simon Portsmouth, MBChB MD FRCP

Vice President, Head of Clinical Development

What needs do we at Shionogi address? “Shionogi has translated science into bedside medicine that is moving forward rapidly and effectively,” says Simon Portsmouth. Watch his video below to learn more.

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