The purpose of the SHIONOGI Group's corporate activities is, as expressed in the opening of "The Company Policy of SHIONOGI", to "supply the best possible medicine to protect the health and wellbeing of the patients we serve." This eternal and unwavering corporate philosophy is our foundation which supports us and what we should achieve globally. To achieve and live by the Company Policy, we have formulated "SHIONOGI Group Code of Conduct". Through activities based on "The Company Policy of SHIONOGI" and "SHIONOGI Group Code of Conduct", SHIONOGI will continue to contribute to patients, physicians and other healthcare providers, shareholders and investors, and furthermore to society as a whole.

SHIONOGI Group Heritage (The Company Policy of SHIONOGI )

SHIONOGI's purpose

SHIONOGI strives constantly to supply the best possible medicine to protect the health and wellbeing of the patients we serve.


For this purpose‚ SHIONOGI will need to:

Pursue the search for even better medicines.
Produce even better medicines.
Promote awareness of these better medicines to more people so that more people will be able to use these medicines.
Research, produce and promote in an even more economical manner.


For this purpose‚ SHIONOGI people will need to:

Strive ceaselessly day after day to improve their skills.
Strive ceaselessly day after day to improve as human beings.


As a result‚ SHIONOGI people will:

Find even greater satisfaction in their daily work and in their daily lives.
Find even greater improvement in the quality of their lives.
Find even greater prosperity in their lives.


(Established on January, 1957)

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SHIONOGI Group Code of Conduct

Committed to maintaining and enhancing the health, safety, and daily comfort of people around the world, the SHIONOGI Group aims to create a brighter future through better healthcare, always at the service of our four stakeholders: our patients, physicians and other healthcare providers, our shareholders and investors, and the general public. In a rapidly changing environment, we are poised to respond flexibly, meeting the needs of our stakeholders and helping to realize a sustainable and healthier society through our activities. In concert with, and in order to achieve, these goals and missions, we hereby present the SHIONOGI Group Code of Conduct. The Group’s management team pledges to lead by example, acting out the spirit of the Code, educating all SHIONOGI group members thoroughly with respect to the Code, and asking our business partners to accept and agree to the Code.

1.Sustainable economic growth and the resolution of the health concerns of society

We seek to discover and develop original pharmaceutical drugs, to offer comprehensive healthcare solutions, and to provide high-quality, safe, effective and valuable healthcare products and services through innovation.


2.Trust of patients, healthcare providers, and other customers

To ensure the correct use of SHIONOGI’s healthcare products and services, we provide accurate, scientifically verified information regarding their quality, safety, and efficacy, engaging in reliable and forthright communication with all those with whom we come into contact


3.Fair business practices

We engage in reasonable business transactions based on fair and free competition, and we maintain sound and transparent relationships with political, administrative, and other sectors of society.


4.Disclosure of information and constructive dialogue with stakeholders

We disclose our corporate information in a fair, timely, reasonable, and accessible manner and endeavor to enhance our corporate value by building relationships of trust with all stakeholders through sincere dialogue.


5.Respect for human rights

We understand and respect human rights, adhering to international norms and standards and protecting the human rights of all persons who may be affected by our business activities.


6.Optimization of work practices and enhancement of the workplace environment

We promote sound corporate management and support career and capability development for each SHIONOGI group member while respecting their individuality, and we provide a safe and secure workplace environment, thereby enabling employees to use their optimal style and supporting them in maintaining their physical, emotional, and social well-being.


7.Engagement in environmental issues

We engage proactively to protect the global environment, to preserve resources, and to consider harmony with nature in order to secure a sustainable future for society and the Earth.


8.Involvement in our communities and contribution to their development

We endeavor to contribute to the sustainable development of our local communities, and to the international community, through by actively supporting diverse societies while respecting their cultures and customs.


9.Proactive and thorough risk management

We do not engage in transactions with antisocial forces and organizations that threaten people’s lives and corporate activities. We take appropriate company-wide measures for risk management and ensure preparation and responsiveness to pandemics, natural disasters, terrorism, cyberattacks, and other threats.


10.Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility: Compliance

Recognizing that proper legal and regulatory compliance is essential for business sustainability and progression, we observe not only all applicable laws, rules and regulations but also behave ethically and responsibly, in accordance with society’s highest expectations for us. All SHIONOGI group members act consistently in the spirit of compliance on a daily basis, as responsible business persons of a company of high caliber worthy of society’s trust and confidence.

(Established on April, 1998)

(Revised on April, 2012)

(Revised on January, 2021)

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SHIONOGI Group Vision (What we want to achieve by 2030)

  • Building Innovation Platforms to Shape the Future of Healthcare

    As the SHIONOGI Family, we promise to:

     Imagine new ways to deliver innovation, and catalyze the formation of new healthcare platforms
     Create innovative products and deliver them worldwide compliantly with high quality at a fair price
     Embrace social responsibility and contribute to longer, healthier lives everywhere

SHIONOGI Group Values (Our psyche that is indispensable for achieving vision)

- Be Trustworthy -

Pursue honesty, accuracy, fairness and transparency to earn and retain society’s trust

- Boldness and Innovation  -

Drive needed change by identifying, understanding, and rapidly leading innovative and new approaches that anticipate future needs of the organization and industry

- Play to Win -

Aim high, be competitive, never give up and strive to achieve goals the right way

- Respect for Diversity -

Appreciate difference and diverse viewpoints, create teams that make each other better

- Contribution to Society -

Contribute to society by addressing unmet needs and supplying the best possible solutions