SHIONOGI, as a company that contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of the health of people around the world, will work to solve social issues and support the realization of a sustainable and healthy society.

In accordance with SHIONOGI Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, we will actively contribute to social contribution activities and the development of local communities as a good corporate citizen. At the same time, we will respect the cultures and customs of our overseas activities and actively contribute to the development of the country in which we do business.

SHIONOGI's social contribution activities include disease awareness, prevention, and promotion of proper use to improve access to healthcare and solve patient issues in addition to contributing to local communities, medical and phamaceutical promotion.

Through these activities, we will work not only to provide therapeutic drugs, but also to realize total care that includes pre-symptomatic disease, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

Approach and Priority Areas for Social Contribution Activities

•Promote problem-solving initiatives through collaborative creation with various stakeholder.

•We face diverse values and problems and work to provide healthcare services that meet the needs of society.

•Through the SHIONOGI Social Contribution Support Group "Socie", we will develop and support systems to promote employee social contribution activities.

• Evaluate the effects of our activities and disclose them appropriately to our stakeholders, leading to better activities.

【Priority Area1】Activities aimed at improving access to medical care and resolving patient issues

In order to improve access to medical care, it is important not only to deliver medicines to people, but also to correctly convey knowledge about diseases and improve disease recognition, diagnosis rates, and proper use of medicines.

Based on this idea, we are working to contribute to universal health coverage.

Enlightenment for infectious disease prevention
Promotion of proper use of anti-infective drugs

Maternal and child health support in developing countries

Improving access to medicines in developing countries

Efforts to deliver products with correct information

【Priority Area2】Medical and pharmaceutical promotion

The SHIONOGI Group supports research grant foundations based on the basic policy of "always providing the best medicines necessary to protect people's health."

Medical and pharmaceutical promotion

【Priority Area3】Contribution to local communities

The SHIONOGI Group actively engages in activities that lead to the development of local communities.

In addition, we promote employee volunteer activities through the Shionogi Social Contribution Support Group Socié, which was established to provide relief activities for disaster-stricken areas and economic support activities for medical and social welfare-related organizations. 

Short film

These videos introduce a maternal and child health support project based on the idea of "Mother to Mother - From Japan to Africa, the baton of vitality passed on by mothers -" and Communication Barrier-Free Project, which is based on the concept of "Providing all patients with the 'information' necessary for 'the best medicine'."