Shionogi Group is actively engaged in social contribution activities and activities that lead to the development of local communities.

Activities through the Aburahi Botanical Garden

At Aburahi Botanical Gardens, we are working to conserve rare species, including endangered species (about 60 species) that fall on the Red List issued by the Ministry of the Environment, in collaboration with botanical gardens around the country. In addition, as an educational support for children who will lead the next generation, we have set up a herb garden in a nearby elementary school and are conducting hands-on lessons using the plants cultivated there. We invite teachers from the botanical gardens of Kobe Pharmaceutical University and Kyoto Pharmaceutical University as lecturers.


The botanical garden tour is also used as a learning opportunity for seniors living in Shiga Prefecture, where the Aburahi Botanical Garden is located.

Botanical garden tour Number of times 4
Total participants 84
Total participating employees 13
Visiting classes Number of times 4
Total participating employees


Kelp Forest Regeneration Project

Shionogi Healthcare Co., Ltd. has launched the "Kelp Forest Regeneration Project" in July 2021 in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, in collaboration with Hakodate City with the aim of protecting endangered natural Kjellmaniella crassifolia kelp and building a mechanism to improve the use of cultured Kjellmaniella crassifolia kelp. The natural product of Kjellmaniella crassifolia kelp, which contains a large amount of "fucoidan", is in danger of disappearing due to the effects of rising seawater temperature. By switching from natural to aquaculture, we would like to restore the production of Kjellmaniella crassifolia kelp through the protection of natural Kjellmaniella crassifolia kelp.

Next Generation Development

The Shionogi Group is working on various types of support that will lead to the development of children who will lead the next generation.

● Factory tours
Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd. Kanegasaki Factory and Tokushima Factory accept factory tours from high schools and universities in the prefecture. At the Kanegasaki Factory, employees visit high schools and conduct on-site lessons.

Factory tour Number of times 11
Total participating students / students 134
Total participating employees 42
On-site lessons Number of times 3
Total participating employees 5

● Medicine Class

In December 2021, the winter vacation event "Medicine Class" of the kids school Gloridge in Osaka City was held at the Shionogi Co., Ltd. CMC Innovation Center.


At Gloridge, this event was planned because Shionogi employees are undergoing training at V: DRIVE (a dispatch training program at a venture company operated by the Osaka Industry Bureau).


Twelve children aged 3 to 6 participated in the event. Through lectures (about colds, hand washing, medicines) and hands-on experiments (tablet / capsule making, analysis experience, etc.) by researchers belonging to the CMC Research Headquarters, the participating children became an opportunity to deepen their curiosity about science and medicines.

● Softball class
To support the development of the next generation through sports, the women's softball club holds softball classes for elementary and junior high school students and high school students.

Number of times 3
Total participants 255
Total participating employees 27

● Cooperation with the National High School Students Town Development Summit 2021 in Amagasaki
Shionogi Career Development Center Co., Ltd. provided a venue for the summit held by high school students working on regional activities all over the country, and gave a lecture as a lecturer (August 2021).

Cleaning activities around the offices

At Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center, Shionogi Smile Heart Co., Ltd., Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd. Kanegasaki Factory / Tokushima Factory, and UMN Pharma Inc. Akita Factory, we are cleaning the area around our offices. At the Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd. Kanegasaki Plant, snow removal work is also carried out in winter.

Number of times 20
Total participating employees 350

Other initiatives

● Donation to food bank
In 2021, we donated the emergency food stockpiled at the Shionogi Pharma Co,. Ltd. Settsu Factory and Shionogi Co., Ltd. Yodoyabashi Office to one of the food banks, Second Harvest Japan.


● Donate a part of the sales of vending machines
Since 2021, a part of the sales of Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. vending machines※1 installed at the head office and neighboring offices has been donated to the "National Food Support Activity Cooperation Association"※2.

  1. ※1
    A mechanism that can automatically donate a part of the sales commission acquired by the installation site to the desired donation destination according to the sales amount
  2. ※2
    The "National Food Support Activity Cooperation Association" is called "Meals on Wheels Logistics System (commonly known as MOWLS)" and is working to improve the food distribution system through activities to create a place for children such as cafeterias.

● Acceptance of factory tours
UMN Pharma Inc. Akita Factory, in collaboration with the Akita Sales Office, 1st Sales Department, Pharmaceutical Business Headquarters, accepts factory tours for doctors from the Akita Medical Association and Akita City Medical Association.

Number of times 4
Total participating doctors 12
Total participating employees 8
● Blood donation activities
Shionogi Group carries out blood donation activities at its business sites every year.
Number of participating offices / factories 6
Total number of times 9
Total participating employees 248

● Initiatives at Shionogi Inc.
・ Donated to the Burn foundation of America, which operates a simple accommodation facility where you can stay with your family during the treatment period.

・ Supporting a shelter for women who have been abused locally by donating by participating in the 5km marathon sponsored by Verizon.

・ Food drinks, stationery, etc. were presented to people working at hospitals around Phoenix, Arizona, with a message.

Food drinks, stationery, etc. were presented to people working at hospitals around Phoenix, Arizona, with a message..