Stakeholder Engagement

In accordance with the Company Policy, we believe it is our social mission to continually discover, develop, and supply useful and safe medicines to promote proper use of medicines, and to help improve the health, medical treatment, and QOL of people around the world. We make every effort in our daily business activities to contribute to all stakeholders.
In the course of these business activities, we believe it is important to always ask ourselves “For whom does a company exist?” and to interact in the most balanced manner possible with our four stakeholder groups: (1) shareholders and investors, (2) customers, (3) society, and (4) employees.
Based on this belief, we have formulated Shionogi‘s Action Guidelines and the Shionogi Charter of Conduct, which are our codes of conduct, as well as the Shionogi Group Compliance Policy as a standard for compliance. All officers and employees are committed to putting these into practice.
[Shionogi-style “engagement”] Interacting in most balanced manner possible with four stakeholder groups: Shareholders and investors, Customers, Employees, Society

Details of our engagement with each stakeholder

  • Shareholders and Investors

    We subscribe to a spirit of fair disclosure. In addition to disclosing information fairly and at the appropriate time, management and the department in charge of investor relations cooperate in proactive initiatives.

  • Customers

    We will continue to provide information to medical professionals as well as consumers and patients promptly and accurately, in order to contribute to the health of as many patients as possible while promoting optimal use of information.

  • Employees

    A diverse environment where employees approach their work vigorously and learn to respect and integrate different values and perspectives in a mutually motivating atmosphere can stimulate our growth as a company.

  • Society

    Relationships with society through activities such as Socie, Shionogi Social Contribution Support Association, and Shionogi Music Fair.