Investigator-Initiated Research


Shionogi supports Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR) to explore novel research ideas and to enhance understanding of disease and/or treatment. The IIR are both clinical and nonclinical studies that are designed, managed and sponsored by external researchers. This individual assumes responsibility for the duration of their study, managing and conducting the research. Shionogi welcome well-written, scientifically sound studies to achieve a multitude of goals, such as improving patient care or sparking new ideas for disease-related research.


Shionogi may provide funding support and/or products (including materials) but is not the study sponsor. The researchers/investigators have legal and regulatory responsibility for the study, and should have the scientific, technical and operational capabilities to conduct a study.


Researchers are invited to submit their concept proposal via Shionogi study management website. Concept submission will be reviewed by Shionogi internal review team based on scientific merit and alignment with Shionogi research and development strategies. The requester will be informed of the outcome of Shionogi review.


Please find the following “area of interest” we are actively supporting.

Therapeutic area of interests Classification General product name 
Hepatology/Gastroenterology thrombopoietin (TPO) receptor agonist Lusutrombopag
Infectious Disease siderophore cephalosporin Cefiderocol
cap-endonuclease inhibitor Baloxavir acid (Non-clinical only)
Baloxavir Marboxil (Japan only)
Pain mu-opioid receptor antagonist  Naldemedine Tosilate
Allergy (Japan only) allergy desensitisation House Dust Mite [Actair®] (Japan only)

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