ESG index

FTSE Blossom Japan
SPJPX Carbon Efficient Index
MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index
MSCI Japan Empowering Woman Index (WIN)
Member of SNAM Sustainability Index 2019

External Recognition related to IR and Sustainability

A- Rating for “Climate Change” and A List Company for “Water security” in Surveys conducted by CDP

Selected in fiscal 2015 New Diversity Management Selection 100 project

Certified in fiscal 2015 as a leading company for women’s advancement in Osaka City

Corporate Governance of the Year 2019
Award for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure Ranked first in the pharmaceuticals sector (Three consecutive years since FY2017)

Companies with Greatest Improvement in IR (FY2018)

IR Grand Prix (FY2017)

Corporate Value Improvement Award by the Listed Company Award: Grand Prix (FY2017)

Outstanding Health & Productivity Management (Four consecutive years since 2017)

2018 All-Japan Executive Team: Ranked first in the pharmaceuticals sector (Two consecutive years: FY2017, FY2018)

Award of Kurumin mark (Three years: 2013, 2015, 2018)


  • Included by the Government Pension Investment Fund among a selection of companies with “Most-Improved Integrated Reports” (Three consecutive years since FY2017)