Reinforcing governance and ensuring compliance are vital to sustaining our business activities in the long term. Shionogi has already taken numerous steps to improve corporate governance. We have put in place systems and set out rules to ensure rapid, bold decision-making processes that are transparent and fair from the perspective of all our stakeholders – from patients and medical professionals to shareholders and investors, communities and employees. With compliance, we strive to ensure our staff comply with social norms and behave in an ethical manner as both employees and members of society, in addition to strict compliance with laws, rules and regulations.
Every Shionogi employee endeavors to protect and make effective use of the Group’s valuable business assets, through groupwide risk management activities and a constant and high level of risk awareness.
  • Corporate Governance

    View details of Basic Views and Guidelines, system, and board.

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  • Risk Management

    View outlines of our approach to risk management, risk management system, business and other risks, and business continuity planning (BCP).

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  • Compliance

    At Shionogi, compliance remains our No. 1 priority—in short, the basis for company survival.

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