Provision of information for inquiries

For inquiries related to its products, Shionogi has toll-free telephone numbers and websites for medical professionals as well as consumers and patients. This enables us to quickly provide accurate information regarding the quality, efficacy, and safety of our products.

We believe we assist in patient treatment by responding accurately and quickly to pleas for the urgent provision of information. The Drug Information Center is the contact point for customers. It collects valuable information through inquiries, and shares this with relevant departments to work on improving the quality of products by rectifying problems and strengthening risk management.

Looking ahead, Shionogi will continue to provide information promptly and accurately, in order to contribute to the health of as many patients as possible while further promoting optimal use of information.

Communication Barrier-free Project

At Shionogi, we think it extremely important that all patients—whether able-bodied or disabled—have access to the information necessary for medications to work properly. To that end, Shionogi has instigated the Communication Barrier-free Project, which seeks to improve the manner in which information is conveyed and eliminate communication barriers when people with disabilities receive medication instructions. People with disabilities—in particular those with hearing or visual impairments—sometimes do not take medications as prescribed if they have not received sufficient information. While people with disabilities may struggle to take in information, this problem also can stem from the manner in which information is conveyed. Shionogi conducts activities aimed at educating various parties about the existence of such communication barriers.