Access to healthcare is a critical issue for many people through the world. SHIONOGI has established SHIONOGI Group Global Health Access Policy to improve access to healthcare. We will contribute to the health of people around the world, including low- and middle-income countries, not only by ourselves but also in collaboration with various partners. As a result, we will contribute to the realization of universal health coverage.

Our Promise

One of the material issues (materiality) that SHIONOGI prioritizes in particular is “protect people worldwide from the threat of infectious diseases.”We will work to discover solutions for a variety of infectious diseases, including AMR and the three major infectious diseases, from a total care perspective, as well as to provide them to people who need SHIONOGI’s products/services in collaboration with governments and international organizations around the world.

In addition to delivering products/services on hand, we will work to prevent the emergence of new resistant bacteria and resistant viruses by properly conveying medical knowledge and promoting the proper use of drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases, and to ensure that patients continue to receive treatment not only today but also in the future.

Please refer to the link below for our director's commitment to contributing to global health in infectious diseases.

Initiatives to improve access to healthcare

SHIONOGI's initiatives to access healthcare have been highly evaluated from outside the company. Especially for AMR initiatives, we are a target company for the Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark conducted by the Access to Medicine Foundation, and have been evaluated for the following points.

2018 Surveillance
  ・Promoting the proper use of antibiotics
  ・Not remunerating sales staff based on sales volume of antibiotics.

  ・Implementing environmental risk management in the process of manufacturing antibiotics
2020 Surveillance
  ・Highest annual investment ratio (annual investment/sales) in research and development of anti-infective drugs among target companies
  ・Expanding environmental risk management in the manufacturing process to suppliers

2021 Surveillance
  ・Execution of a basic agreement on accessing Cefiderocol, an antibiotics against AMR to low-and middle-income countries
  ・Received the top score in the manufacturing category as a company that disclosed details on environmental risk management

Specifically, we are progressing with the initiatives outlined below.
  • Developing innovative therapies to address unmet needs


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  • Promote proper use of medicines


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  • Improving affordability for patients in need


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  • Improving access to healthcare services in developing countries


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