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From a domestic company to a global player SHIONOGI


In this age when the true value of medicines is in question, Shionogi researches, develops and promotes medicines with the patient’s perspective in mind.

Global Development Division
Senior Executive Officers Dr. Toshinobu Iwasaki

Senior Executive Officers Dr. Toshinobu Iwasaki

We aim to develop medical products that reflect the thoughts and wishes of patients.

In order to do this, we build up evidence piece by piece, and strictly evaluate the “value” of our medical products.

We strive to deliver new medical products developed with a patient centric focus as soon as possible to all those who need it.

  • Global Development Division’s Vision and Strategy

    Shionogi’s vision is to “challenge our speed”, and, develop safer compounds, more quickly while remaining focused on clinical study quality.


  • Clinical Trials Information

    Find disclosed information on Shionogi sponsored clinical trials here.