Clinical Development

Top message


To supply medical products that “help patients” and  “meet world’s needs” as soon as possible


Based on this simple thought, we will accurately capture the true unmet medical needs and proceed with the development of medical products globally without fear of new challenges.

Global Development Division
Senior Executive Officers Dr. Toshinobu Iwasaki

Senior Executive Officers Dr. Toshinobu Iwasaki

We will proceed the development with the aim of providing medical products that meet the needs of patients at an early stage.

To do so, we will accumulate evidence one by one and severely evaluate the "value" of medical products on a scientific basis

We strive to deliver medicines that are developed focusing on patients who need them as soon as possible.

  • Global Development Division’s Vision and Strategy

    Shionogi is conducting global drug development under the slogan of "understanding true needs" and "challenging our speed."

  • Clinical Trials Information

    Find disclosed information on Shionogi sponsored clinical trials here.