SHIONOGI Group Heritage

SHIONOGI strives constantly to supply the best possible medicine to protect the health
and wellbeing of the patients we serve.

The unwavering purpose of the SHIONOGI Group’s corporate activities is expressed in the opening of “The Company Policy of SHIONOGI (SHIONOGI Group Heritage)” as the image of what SHIONOGI should be and the Company’s social existence values. With the changes taking place in our environment, we are broadening our interpretation of “medicine” to encompass healthcare solutions.

*SHIONOGI: A general term for the SHIONOGI Group

Our Commitment

SHIONOGI takes a new step towards a new history with capability and vision.
We are aiming to deliver the best possible healthcare solutions to the world, while staying close to people's wishes for health.

Medicines and beyond,
creating the next generation of healthcare.

SHIONOGI strives to shape the future
of healthcare
that goes beyond the past.

new platform

transforming our business model
from a "drug-discovery-oriented pharmaceutical company"
to a "healthcare provider"
to pursue the health
that people truly wish for
and deliver new value to society.

SHIONOGI Group Values

  • Be trustworthy

    Pursue honesty, accuracy,
    fairness and transparency to
    uphold society’s trust.

  • Be bold

    Look forward, be flexible
    and innovative, embrace change,
    and don’t accept established

  • Be dauntless in spirit

    Aim high, be competitive,
    never give up and strive
    to achieve goals.

  • Build greatness
    out of diversity

    Celebrate difference,
    focus on strengths and
    create teams that make
    each other better.

  • Contribute to society

    Aspire to improve
    people’s lives and
    sustain the
    global environment.


Our minds
on the new
group brand mark

The “FUNDOH” weight mark which stands "accuracy", "honesty", and "trust" has been a longtime symbol of Shionogi & Co., Ltd and its group companies.
Reflecting SHIONOGI’s intention to transform to a global HaaS company, we have refined the “FUNDOH” weight mark and logotype design and evolved it into an identity that embodies the new SHIONOGI.

※HaaS・・・Healthcare as a Service

  • trust and accuracy
  • Dynamic expansion and unity
  • Design that gives a sense of security and trust

People’s needs for healthcare are more diverse than ever.
The new brand mark is a symbol of SHIONOGI aiming for transforming into an essential HaaS company to society, while retaining our core values cultivated over 140 years of history, which has been walking along with people's health.
SHIONOGI can shape the future of healthcare.