More than one hundred forty five years now have passed since Shiono Gisaburo Shoten, the drug wholesaler that would become Shionogi & Co., Ltd., began operations in Doshomachi, Osaka, in 1878. Since then, Shionogi has evolved into a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer via the development of our first proprietary antibiotic, Shinomin; the launch of Shiomarin, the world’s first oxacephem antibiotic, also developed in-house; and the success of our hyperlipidemia treatment Crestor, which has grown into a blockbuster. From fiscal 2005, the Company identified priority therapeutic areas, concentrating business resources on infectious diseases, pain treatment, and metabolic diseases. From fiscal 2010, we launched the anti-HIV agent Tivicay and other new growth drivers as we succeeded in our transition to a more robust profit-generating business structure.

We aim to achieve further transformation by continuing to address healthcare needs.

Our history

1878 Gisaburo Shiono, Sr., founder of the Company, launched Shiono Gisaburo Shoten as a drug wholesaler at the present site of the head office, Doshomachi, Osaka
1886 The management of Shionogi decided to concentrate on imported western drugs
1897 Shionogi started to deal directly with trading firms in Europe and the US

Antacidin, an antacid agent, was launched as the first drug produced

The corporate trademark FUNDOH was registered

1910 A manufacturing plant, Shiono Seiyakusho, was constructed
1919 Shiono Gisaburo Shoten and Shiono Seiyakusho were merged, and the new company was named Shionogi Shoten
1922 Established the Kuise plant (now Kuise Site)
1924 Established the new head office building in Doshomachi, Osaka
1943 The Company was renamed, Shionogi Seiyaku (now Shionogi & Co., Ltd.)
1946 Established the Aburahi Laboratories in Shiga (now Aburahi Facilities)
1949 Shionogi's shares listed on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges
1950 Launched analgesic antipyretics, Sedes
1953 Launched the multiple vitamins and minerals, Popon-S
1957 The Company Policy of Shionogi was established

Discovered sulfamethoxazole

Established the modern product detailing system

1959 Launched sulfamethoxazole, Shinomin
1961 Established Shionogi Research Laboratories in Osaka (now integrated into SPRC; Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center)

Started veterinary drug, agricultural chemical and clinical laboratory businesses (divested in 2002, 2001 and 2002, respectively)

Established Taiwan Shionogi & Co., Ltd.

1964 Began to sponsor the TV program, Shionogi Music Fair
1968 Established the Settsu plant in Osaka
1976 Established Nichia Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (now Shionogi Pharma Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
1978 Celebrated our 100th year in business

Established Shionogi Shibuya building in Tokyo

Established the Development Research Laboratories in Osaka (now SPRC)

1982 Launched the cephem antibiotic, Shiomarin, in Japan
1983 Constructed the Kanegasaki Plant in Iwate

Established Institute for Medical Science on the Settsu plant property (now integrated into SPRC)

Launched the cephem antibiotic, Flumarin, in Japan


Acquired the capsule business from Eli Lilly (divested in 2005)

Established Shionogi General Service Co., Ltd.

1993 Opened the new head office building in Doshomachi, Osaka
1997 Launched the cephem antibiotic, Flomox, in Japan

The Shionogi Charter of Conduct was established

Established Ohmori Co., Ltd., a drug wholesaler (divested in 2002)

Established Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (divested in 2010)

2000 The 1st Medium-Term Business Plan starts

Established Shionogi USA, Inc. (now Shionogi Inc.)

Established a joint venture named Shionogi-GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical LLC (later Shionogi-ViiV Healthcare LLC)
Started joint research and development, including HIV integrase inhibitors

2003 Launched the cancer pain analgesic, OxyContin, in Japan

The 2nd Medium-Term Business Plan starts

Launched the hyperlipidemia treatment, Crestor, in Japan

Launched the carbapenem antibiotic, Finibax, in Japan


Established Shionogi Analysis Center Co., Ltd.

Launched the cancer pain analgesic, OxiNorm, in Japan


Acquired US-based Sciele Pharma, Inc. (now Shionogi Inc.)

Established a joint research facility with Hokkaido University, Shionogi Innovation Center for Drug Discovery

Launched the hypertension treatment, Irbetan, in Japan

Launched the acne vulgaris treatment, Differin, in Japan

Launched the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treatment, Pirespa, in Japan


The 3rd Medium-Term Business Plan starts

Established Shionogi Techno Advance Research Co., Ltd.

Established the PET Molecular Imaging Center at the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Launched the anti-viral drug for influenza, Rapiacta, in Japan

Launched the antidepressant drug, Cymbalta, in Japan


Acquired a Chinese pharmaceutical company, C&O Pharmaceutical Technology (Holdings) Limited

Established a new research facility SPRC4, and integrated several research functions into SPRC


Established a European subsidiary, Shionogi Limited in the UK

New business scheme for the HIV integrase inhibitor franchise products initiated with ViiV Healthcare

Launched the injectable cancer pain analgesic, OxiFast, in Japan

Launched the hypertension treatment, Aimix, in Japan


Established Beijing Shionogi Pharmaceutical Technology Limited in China

Established Shionogi Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Modified the Crestor royalty structure with AstraZeneca

Launched the postmenopausal vulvar and vaginal atrophy treatment, Osphena, in the US

Launched the hypertension treatment, Irtra, in Japan


The Medium-Term Business Plan "SGS2020" starts

Launched the HIV treatment, Tivicay, in Japan


Launched the HIV treatment, Triumeq, in Japan

Launched the desendsitization therapy, Acitair, house dust mite sublingual tablet in Japan

Launched the thrombocytopenia treatment, Mulpleta, in Japan


New Medium-Term Business Plan Update to Shionogi Growth Strategy 2020 (SGS2020)

Established Shionogi Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Launched hyperlipidemia treatment Crestor OD tablets.


Established Shionogi Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd.

Established Shionogi Pharmacovigilance Center Co., Ltd.

Established Shionogi Business Partner Co., Ltd.

Established Shionogi Digital Science Co., Ltd.

Established Shionogi Career Development Center Co., Ltd.

Launched cancer pain treatment Methapain.

Launched ADHD therapeutic agent Intuniv.

Launched opioid-induced constipation (OIC) treatment Symproic.

Launched chronic cancer pain treatment OxyContin TR tablets.


Established Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd.

Established European subsidiary Shionogi B.V.

Launched flu drug Xofluza.

Launched thrombocytopenia treatment Mulpleta in the US.

Launched anti-HIV agent Juluca.


Established a joint venture Stream-I with M3, Inc.

Made UMN Pharma a consolidated subsidiary.

Established Shionogi Education and Training Center in Amagaski,Hyogo.

Launched opioid-induced constipation (OIC) treatment Rizmoic in Europe.

Launched flu drug Xofluza in Taiwan.

Launched Vivance for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Started the Medium-Term Business Plan, Shionogi Transformation Strategy 2030 (STS2030).

Established a joint venture Ping An-Shionogi with Ping An Insurance.

Made Tetra a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Launched the siderophore cephalosporin antibiotic Fetroja (cefiderocol) in the US.

Launched the siderophore cephalosporin antibiotic Fetcroja (cefiderocol) in Europe.


Starteded wastewater epidemiological surveillance for COVID-19 in Japan.

Launched opioid-induced constipation (OIC) treatment Symproic in Taiwan.


Established a joint venture AdvanSentinel Co., Ltd., with Shimadzu Corporation.

Established a General Incorporated Foundation, Shionogi Infectious Disease. Research Promotion Foundation.

Built the SHIONOGI Group Brand and Established the Group Brand Mark.

Established Yui Connection Co., Ltd.

Launched COVID-19 treatment Xocova in Japan.