Support for children’s bright future

Japan now leads the world in terms of its declining birthdate and graying population. Shionogi intends to build a sustainable society by creating an environment in which the children who will become our future leaders are able to maximize their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

The Office for Children’s Bright Future at Shionogi seeks to lighten the psychological burden on children with a developmental disorder, with a twin focus on gaining greater understanding from society, and building and realizing a support system. As a partner in the support of children with a developmental disorder, we work together with local governments and academia, with an eye to harnessing the core competencies of all involved.

Shionogi Social Contribution Support Association “Socie,” Shionogi’s system to support social contribution activities

After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995 and the oil spill accident in the Sea of Japan in 1997, in response to the growing interest in volunteer activities and request from employees, Shionogi introduced the volunteer activity time-off and leave systems in 1997, in addition to the already established time-off system for bone marrow donation.
In the same year of 1997, Shionogi founded its social contribution support association “Socie” with funds contributed by all three parties of employees, the company, and the labor union to provide economic support for disaster-affected areas and organizations related to medical care and social welfare. Socie, which is currently operated with monthly contributions by employees and the company, makes donations for disaster-affected areas and various organizations engaged in social contribution activities and provides financial support for volunteer activities by employees, such as subsidies for volunteer insurance premiums and travel expenses.

Shionogi Music Fair

Since August 1964, Shionogi has sponsored the music program Shionogi Music Fair, which airs on Saturdays from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM on a television station associated with Fuji Television Network.

Shionogi remains committed to offering this program so that audiences can enjoy songs by singers in wonderful environment with the best sound effects, lightning and sets.

Going forward, the Company will continue to sponsor high-quality musical programs that help promote the musical culture of Japan as one way to contribute to society.