Shionogi is actively working not only on research and development of medicine, but also on educational activities so that we can contribute to alleviating the suffering from cancer pain and lower-back pain.

Advances in medicine and medical care have increased the average life expectancy, but we can also improve healthy life expectancy for people to live a lively life in their own way.

We are engaged in various CSR activities with the hope that patients who suffer from pain will be released from their worries and suffering and can live peaceful lives in their own way.

Collaboration with local governments

Activities through media

Educational activities through websites and materials

Collaboration with local governments

We are engaged in educational activities for correct knowledge of illegal drugs, proper use of medical narcotics, and palliative care in local communities.

Public Lecture for Aichi Citizen

Date: October 5, 2019

Theme: Learn about medical narcotics and use them correctly

Number of participants: 89



Public Lecture for Kyoto Citizen

Date: October 19, 2019

Theme: Living with Cancer

Number of participants: 47

Public Lecture for Aichi Citizen (Online)

Date: January 7, 2021

Theme: Don't have to put up with cancer pain ~How to deal with medical narcotics~

Number of participants: 162

Public Lecture for Aichi Citizen (Online)

Date: November 27, 2021 

Theme: Learn correct knowledge about medical narcotics as familiar pain relievers

Number of participants: 108

Activities through media

We are engaged in the activities to inform the public (including cancer patients) about correct knowledge of cancer pain and proper use of medical narcotics through major media.

Medical Narcotics Press Seminar

Date: September 20, 2019

Theme: What we want you to understand about medical narcotics to relieve pain in cancer patients -For proper use-

Participating media: 24 participants from 22 companies

Medical Narcotics Press Seminar

Date: November 18, 2021

Theme: Live your own life without enduring pain -Let's all learn about medical narcotics-

Participating media: 30 participants from 26 companies

Educational activities through websites and materials

We create and provide web contents and materials about pain that are easy for the public to understand.

"Gan No Tsurasa-Tsurasa Kiite Tsutaete-“

Cancer causes physical, mental and social “pain”.

Our website provides information about various types of "pain" as well as information for patients to properly communicate their "pain" to medical professionals without worrying by themselves.

To relieve your pain and suffering

From a patient’s point of view  From a doctor's point of view

From a nurse‘s point of view From a pharmacist's point of view

It is important for cancer patients not to put up with the pain, but to communicate their pain to the medical professionals and people around them without hesitation. Our YouTube introduces tips to communicate pain, suffering, and feeling uneasy.