Shionogi will avoid causing adverse human rights impacts and continuously consider implementing measures to mitigate or prevent them. If it is found to have caused or contributed to adverse human rights impacts, Shionogi will address such impacts through appropriate means to correct them.

Shionogi will continue and make public these activities, thereby faithfully committing itself to human rights initiatives.

Strict prohibition of discrimination

Shionogi prohibits all forms of discrimination in employment and at work. Shionogi will work for early discovery and prevention of harassment by setting up contact points for internal consultation and notification, and providing consultation staff members and employees with education on harassment.


Prohibition of child labor and forced labor

Shionogi will never allow child labor, forced labor, slave labor, human trafficking and any other conduct that goes against the maintenance of human dignity and respect.


Respecting basic labor rights

Shionogi guarantees freedom of association, respects the labor right to organize and the right of collective bargaining, and observes local laws.


Providing safe and healthy working conditions

Shionogi ensures a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace environment, and properly manages wage payment and working hours. It endeavors to prevent overwork by setting up a consultation service.


Improving diversity

Shionogi respects diverse values and will endeavor to improve diversity so that all people can grow and play active roles regardless of their race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disabilities.


Ensuring compliance

In accordance with the Shionogi Group Compliance Policy, Shionogi will endeavor to ensure compliance by all officers and employees of the Shionogi Group for the purpose of assuring compliance with laws and ethical behavior in its business activities.