• SHIONOGI Group’s Environmental Initiatives

    Under the Company Policy (SHIONOGI Group Heritage) of “SHIONOGI strives constantly to supply the best possible medicine to protect the health and wellbeing of the patients we serve,” we have formulated the SHIONOGI Group EHS Policy and the SHIONOGI Group EHS Code of Conduct. Our belief is that we should conduct business activities in a manner that gives consideration to protection of the global environment as well as the health of all people working with us and the health and safety of local communities in order to realize “Engagement in environmental issues” and “Optimization of work practices and enhancement of the workplace environment” in the SHIONOGI Group Code of Conduct.
    In addition, we have identified “Protect the environment” as one of the SHIONOGI Group’s material issues (materiality), which support the realization of a sustainable society and the growth of the SHIONOGI Group. We have also identified the four material issues of “AMR,” “climate change,” “resource conservation and circulation,” and “water” as our Environmental Materiality, within which we have extracted environmental issues to be prioritized. We aim to realize a sustainable society through all business activities, including our supply chain, by reflecting the above-mentioned four material issues in the environmental category of the SHIONOGI Group EHS Action Targets, which are medium- and long-term targets for EHS, and working to implement them.

Summary of  Shionogi Group EHS Action Targets (Environment)