Neurodevelopmental disorders manifest with characteristic symptoms affected by how the brain works. The symptoms present themselves in many different ways. Some people are troubled by the characteristic symptoms, while for many others, these symptoms are regarded as their individuality.

At Shionogi, we believe that it can be difficult to understand and support people with neurodevelopmental disorders partly because their symptoms manifest in such different ways. Rather than just providing pharmaceuticals to improve the symptoms, we are raising awareness of neurodevelopmental disorders in society to widen existing support networks, with the goal of creating an environment where individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families can lead healthy lives.

Shionogi set up the Office for Children’s Bright Future in fiscal 2017 to work together with local governments and academia on various programs. 

Shionogi is working to expand healthcare services beyond just pharmaceuticals and to improve social environments in a timely manner, so that everyone can live more fulfilling and more active lives.

Endorsement of The Valuable 500

In March 2020, Shionogi announced its support for The Valuable 500 (external site), an international initiative to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. We will actively promote "diversity and inclusion initiatives" such as efforts to support children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and contribute to the creation of an inclusive society.