We will think about how to read changes in the environment and provide better medical products to patients as soon as possible, and will do our utmost to develop without being bound by precedents.

Transformation in development

In accordance with the watchwords, “speed” and “creation/maximation of product value,” the Drug Development and Regulatory Science Division has not only worked to make our processes based on conventional methodologies more efficient as possible, but has also changed our approach and overhauled our development process from square one. At the same time, we always place “science” at the top of our decision-making list as we absolutely need to get the science right. Even if we emphasize speed and proceed with testing using different methods from the previous ones, we still need to be strict and objective in considering data and to make sure that what we are doing is scientifically persuasive in terms of efficacy and safety to make a go/no go determination. We are therefore sparing no effort in our action to voraciously gather and analyze past cases and latest scientific knowledge, think through them thoroughly, and hold extensive discussions before reaching well thought-out decisions.
eight core pipeline projects

In developing a vaccine and therapeutic drugs for COVID-19

we are holding daily discussions, including with senior management, about which patients would receive such solutions, how fast we could provide them, and what kind of development plan we should have for accomplishing this. As we proceed, we are communicating with the regulatory authorities more closely than in the past, and we are discussing how to execute our development plan as soon as possible and based on science.


Eight development pipelines that causes paradigm shifts

Our top priority remains to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic drugs as soon as possible, and we are working on the development of based on core eight projects so that we can provide innovative value.





Core pipeline

Shionogi is progressing development in eight core pipeline projects, aiming to deliver innovative value that clearly embodies new approaches, not just incremental improvements.