This page describes Shionogi's visions and strategies for achieving the visions in domestic and global sales.

Prescription drug in Japan

Vision of our domestic sales: Contribute to healthcare through patient-focused collection and provision of information

As a drug discovery-based pharmaceutical company, Shionogi contributes to better health by effectively communicating the value of new products to medical professionals. By endeavoring to do so in a far more productive manner, Shionogi can secure a future for our drug discovery research and development activities. Shionogi strives to meet the nation’s increasingly diverse medical needs by supporting the government’s community- based healthcare approach through the provision of information tailored to specific communities.

Strategy for achieving our vision: Build highly efficient sales model while at the same time strengthening organization and human resources

keyword 1: Incorporation of IT into sales activities

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Basic information on drugs is accessible to all, via channels such as the internet. As such, medical professionals rely on MRs to provide more specialized knowledge. Shionogi strives to enhance the quality of information provided through use of IT to monitor, analyze, and verify MRs’ daily activities, to aid in identifying customers’ needs in advance.

keyword 2: Support for MRs’ provision of information

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For MRs to respond to customers’ increasingly diverse needs, they require not only information and knowledge, but also the ability to convey this appropriately. At Shionogi, we have established a code of practice for information dissemination, based on new guidelines on ethical drug detailing activities issued by the MHLW in 2018. We are also using these guidelines and code of practice to identify opportunities for improvement, in order to better serve our customers’ needs.

keyword 3: Human resource development

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In order to develop the human resources needed to facilitate Shionogi’s future growth, the Human Health Care Division uses various activities both inside and outside the company to instill in employees critical thinking skills and the ability to take action. We are now seeing employees draw on that experience in their engagement with local communities and customers.

Growth of overseas business

Strategy for achieving our vision: To serve the health of people around the world by bringing Shionogi’s products to them in the most effective way

At Shionogi, we seek to bring the benefits of Shionogi’s innovation to as many people as possible across the globe, either through our own sales capabilities in certain regions, or in partnership with influential local companies.

Strategy for achieving our vision: Maximize product value through a combination of in-house sales, business alliances, and export operations.

keyword 1: Operational and strategic support for Group companies overseas

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The Global Business Division offers operational support and strategic guidance to our overseas Group companies, with presence in the US, Europe, China, Taiwan, and Singapore, resulting in strong alignment and increased efficiency while encouraging the effective pursuit of the goals of each region.

keyword 2: Support of business alliances in Asia

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In China and elsewhere in Asia, Shionogi contributes to better health by actively pursuing alliances with partners with complementary strengths, in order to expedite the development and approval process for our innovative drugs and to encourage their broad availability and accessibility.

keyword 3: Export of drug active ingredients, and bulk and finished products

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Shionogi exports products in API, bulk, and finished form, providing patients with access to our products across much of the world.

OTC Drug Business

Our OTC drug business is dedicated to raising our customers' quality of life (QOL), which we believe can be achieved through our selected product lineup that supports a variety of lifestyles.