This page describes Shionogi's visions and strategies for achieving the visions in drug discovery research, CMC R&D, and clinical development.

The Shionogi Group progresses its research and development activities with world-class productivity and with the objective of bringing pharmaceuticals needed by patients rapidly to global markets. The Group is also continuously pursuing access to external innovation through partnership and licensing opportunities with academia and venture companies, focused on future medical needs and novel products and technologies.

Vision of our drug discovery research: Innovation in drug discovery to meet societal needs

As a drug discovery-based pharmaceutical company, Shionogi considers the original pipeline ratio to be important. At the same time, we believe it is impossible to consistently create better drugs when bound by preconceived ideas. We aim to establish new approaches to drug discovery that draw on various ideas from both inside and outside the Company.

Strategy for achieving our vision: Leverage strength in small molecule drug discovery

keyword 1: Medium molecule drugs

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Hopes are high that “medium molecule drugs” such as nucleic acid drugs and peptides will produce the next generation of pharmaceuticals. At Shionogi, we aim to harness the chemical technologies and expertise we have developed in the field of small molecule drug discovery, and apply these also to the discovery of medium molecule drugs.

keyword 2: Open innovation

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Shionogi has sought to promote collaborative research with partners, by such means as joining the UK’s Cambridge Therapeutic Consortium. We look to accelerate innovation by combining our drug discovery capabilities with the intellectual know-how of academic institutions.

keyword 3: Encouraging sense of adventure in researchers

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Innovation tends to be lacking when research is just a job. To instill in our researchers a true sense of adventure, Shionogi evaluates not only research results but also the processes. Furthermore, we have established a novel program dubbed “Y Collaboration” that encourages individuals to independently search out and propose collaborative research partners.

Vision of our CMC R&D:Research and development of original CMC technology: Creating valuable products meeting societal needs

The CMC R&D Division contributes from a total healthcare perspective to the creation of innovative products with potential to fulfil societal medical needs. In order to develop such innovative products, the Division undertakes CMC research and works to acquire new CMC technologies to augment its existing scientific base. By maximizing use of partnerships both inside and outside of Shionogi, the CMC R&D Division strives to bring new value to the healthcare field, transcending traditional paradigms for pharmaceutical development.

Strategy for achieving our vision: Grow the Company by developing better people, technology, and partnerships

keyword 1: Fostering well-rounded employees

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Shionogi takes a proactive stance toward education aimed at building well-rounded employees, including an exchange program offering training at Shionogi Inc. in the US, and rotation between different divisions.

keyword 2: Providing new solutions for drug discovery research

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Shionogi has been able to use CMC technologies to achieve breakthroughs, improving the body’s absorption of chemical compounds that had a pharmacological effect but were difficult to the body to absorb. The CMC R&D Division seeks to continue providing new solutions through involvement from the drug discovery research stage.

keyword 3: Pursuing even higher levels of expertise

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Shionogi seeks to create new value through the use of sophisticated CMC technologies for such tasks as developing products that are as effective as possible in meeting patient needs, identifying the synthetic routes best suited to reducing COGs[*1], and developing new analytical solutions premised on cutting-edge technology.
  1. ※1
    COGs: Cost of goods sold

Vision of our clinical development: Efficient and consistent development for the good of patients around the world

While COVID-19 has caused apprehension about clinical trials, in fiscal 2020 we succeeded in staying on schedule with almost all of our programs by acting in response to changes in the external environment, including being flexible in adjusting the number of clinical trials initiated in each region through collaboration among the US, Europe, and Japan. In fiscal 2021, our top priority remains to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic drugs as soon as possible, and we are working on the development of based on core eight projects so that we can provide innovative value.


We will think about how to read changes in the environment and provide better medical products to patients as soon as possible, and will do our utmost to develop without being bound by precedents.

Strategy for achieving our vision: Build a framework for independently creating and offering pipeline products globally

keyword 1: Use of big data

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Further improvement in productivity is key to realizing this vision. Shionogi works constantly on achieving greater efficiency in clinical trials, using real-world data for such purposes as identifying suitable clinical trial participants and creating influenza transmission models.

keyword 2: Strengthening global operations

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Shionogi is building a global development framework spanning Japan, the US, and Europe, to facilitate speedy and high-quality development. Under a shared global development policy with Shionogi Inc. in the US and Shionogi B.V. in Europe, Shionogi is endeavoring to globalize its operating team.

keyword 3: Global Development Division headquartered in Japan

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In an era marked by growth in global clinical trials, the Global Development Division within the parent company in Japan fulfils the important role of managing development projects across our global sites. As headquarters for Shionogi’s global operation, the Division is charged with ensuring that the Company’s know-how is world-class, and conducting high-quality clinical trials.