SHIONOGI Group’s top priority is to ensure the safety of patients, clinical trial participants, and healthcare professionals who use Shionogi medicinal products and medical devices.

For this purpose, SHIONOGI Group collects safety information from all available sources, evaluates it scientifically, and assesses relevant risks based on the considered information.  Further, SHIONOGI Group promptly provides patients, healthcare professionals and health authorities with accurate information and takes any necessary measures to prevent or to minimize those risks.


In particular,

  • SHIONOGI Group collects safety information, from any source, that is reported by all concerned parties including patients, healthcare professionals and regulatory authorities worldwide.
  • SHIONOGI Group ensures appropriate communication with all concerned parties and strives to understand their needs for receiving adequate safety information.
  • SHIONOGI Group evaluates all collected safety information promptly and appropriately.
  • SHIONOGI Group provides information on risks that is supported by scientific evidence, as needed, to all concerned parties in an appropriate and prompt manner.
  • SHIONOGI Group considers and implements all possible measures necessary to prevent or minimize the risk to concerned parties.
  • SHIONOGI Group educates all employees to understand the importance of drug safety monitoring and risk prevention/minimization measures, so as to ensure that the safety of the concerned parties comes first.


In accordance with this policy, SHIONOGI Group contributes to the proper use of medicines by patients, and to the improvement of healthcare and quality of life of patients and their families.

(Revised on 01 January 2022)