At Shionogi, we believe that our job—and indeed our raison d’etre—is to be of use to patients by supplying them with products discovered in our pharmaceutical research and progressed right through to the stage of regulatory approval. We accordingly are focused squarely on in-house drug discovery. Over the past 14 years, we have succeeded in bringing seven proprietary drugs to market. 

We create and evaluate the platform of our highly efficient SAR engine for small molecule drug discovery. The source of our competitiveness lies in the technological prowess of our medicinal chemistry team (responsible for design and synthesis of small molecule compounds), the pharmacology team (which performs multi-faceted evaluation of the compounds thus synthesized), and the safety and pharmacokinetics team, and in our experience in problem-solving via collaboration between the three.

New Modality

Shionogi has also put effort into numerous peptide discovery programs in the area of medium-sized molecules in addition to small molecules for meeting the expectation of public health need.

We have completed the technology transfer of PeptiDream’s proprietary Peptide Discovery Platform System (PDPS) technology from PeptiDream Inc., and taken on new joint R&D projects with PeptiDream, and accelerated innovation by bringing together the strengths of both companies.

We aim to increase our drug development success rate by using the best drug discovery approach for each target therapeutic area. That means trying different drug modalities, particularly peptides, nucleic acids and other so-called middle-sized molecules, as well as small-molecule drugs, one of Shionogi’s strengths.

Nonstandard cyclic peptides

  • Quick screening, with low costs and small tasks
  • Generates highly selective and highly active peptides
  • Hits can be acquired even for challenging targets