AMR Action Fund Launches Investments to Promote Innovation to Overcome AMR

OSAKA, Japan, April 4, 2022 - Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka, Japan; President and CEO: Isao Teshirogi, Ph.D.; hereafter "Shionogi") announced that the AMR Action Fund, in which Shionogi has invested, has initiated its activities with investments in two companies developing new antimicrobial drugs.

Please check the AMR Action Fund website for details.


The AMR Action Fund, an initiative of the IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations), an international body representing the R&D pharmaceutical industry, supports the clinical development of innovative new antibiotics to address multi-drug resistant bacteria and other life-threatening infections. This Fund was established in July 2020 by more than 20 leading biopharmaceutical companies, including Shionogi1, and constitutes a ground-breaking international partnership that aims to bring 2-4 new antibiotics to patients by 2030.


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global threat, and infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant bacteria are difficult to treat with existing drugs and result in increased mortality2.

Shionogi is committed to “Protect people worldwide from the threat of infectious diseases” as our key focus. We are not only pursuing the research and development of therapeutics, but are also working towards total care for infectious diseases. Shionogi will continue to support the efforts of the AMR Action Fund to overcome the global AMR problem and to rapidly provide anti-infective drugs required to protect the health of patients around the world.


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1.       Press release on July 10, 2020

New AMR Action Fund steps in to save collapsing antibiotic pipeline with pharmaceutical industry investment of US$1 billion

2.       Global burden of bacterial antimicrobial resistance in 2019: a systematic analysis. The Lancet 2022; 399:629-55


Regarding more information about our commitment to AMR, please check here.