Contribution to the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund) for the Third Phase

OSAKA, Japan, May 25, 2023 - Shionogi & Co., Ltd.  (Head Office: Osaka, Japan; Chief Executive Officer: Isao Teshirogi, Ph.D.; hereafter "Shionogi") announced that it decided to contribute to the third phase of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (hereafter “GHIT Fund”) as partners cooperating with the funding contributors during the 5 years from 2023 to 2027.
The GHIT Fund is the world's first international public-private partnership established in 2013. It aims to develop therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics using Japanese technology, knowledge, and innovation to control infectious diseases that afflict people especially in developing countries such as the world's top 3 infectious diseases (AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria) and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). In the first phase (FY2013 to FY2017) and second phase (FY2018 to FY2022), the GHIT Fund has invested 29.1 billion yen in total of 118 projects, ranging from exploratory research to clinical studies in South America and Africa, aiming to utilize Japanese drug discovery technology, know-how, and wisdom directly and effectively in global health.
Shionogi has been a member of the GHIT Fund since its inception, and has contributed funds in the first and second phases1,2. Shionogi also participated in joint research aimed at creating therapeutics for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria, and in a consortium aimed at creating therapeutics for the neglected tropical diseases (Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis) led by the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative. Shionogi also started joint research aimed at researching and creating development candidates of new malaria drugs in the last fiscal year3.
Shionogi is committed to “Protect people worldwide from the threat of infectious diseases” as our key focus. We are not only conducting research and development of novel therapeutics, but we are also working towards total care, through building awareness, epidemiologic monitoring, prevention, diagnosis, and addressing exacerbations, as well as treating the infection itself. As a leading company in infectious diseases, we will continue to actively address a range of infectious diseases, including the world's top 3 infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and COVID-19, which constitute major public health issues.

【About Global Health Innovative Technology Fund】

The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund) is an international public-private fund in which the Japanese government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), private companies such as pharmaceutical companies, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and the United Nations Development Program participate. GHIT Fund has been investing in new drug development and portfolio management to contribute to global health, supporting Japanese technology and innovation to combat infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that affect the world’s vulnerable and underserved populations. GHIT Fund promotes the participation of Japanese pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutes in product development, as well as collaboration with overseas institutions, in order to develop drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics.

For more information, please visit https://www.ghitfund.org/en


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Shionogi participates in the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund

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Notice of Collaboration Agreement for the Discovery and Development of Novel Malaria Drugs with Nagasaki University and MMV, Supported by the GHIT Fund


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