Regarding completion of the Transfer of the "Mother to Mother SHIONOGI Project" the Second Phase to the Government of Kilifi County, Republic of Kenya

OSAKA, Japan, February 13, 2024 - Shionogi & Co., Ltd.  (Head Office: Osaka, Japan; Chief Executive Officer: Isao Teshirogi, Ph.D.; hereafter "Shionogi") announced that , it has been ongoing the “Mother to Mother SHIONOGI Project” (hereafter “this project”), a maternal and child healthcare program in Africa, and on December 31, 2023, it completed the second phase of this project in Kilifi Country, the Republic of Kenya with the cooperation of the international NGO “World Vision Japan” (National Director: Mariko Kinai; hereafter “WVJ”). The Company also announces that the project was transferred to the county government.

This project is worked on improving maternal and child health with the vision of “To develop sustainable communities for the well-being of mothers and children.” This will be done through collective impact*, an approach of effectively combining the strengths of respective participants, including business enterprises and NGOs. We aim not only to improve the environment for pregnancy and childbirth but also to enable community people to manage their own health by educating the local communities, helping community healthcare workers in capacity development, improving the water hygiene environment, and conducting advocacy activities toward the government.

*It maximizes the impact of the efforts by organizations including business enterprises, governments and NGOs/NPOs by their collaborative commitment to solving social issues.

The second phase focused on improving the coordination between clinics, hospitals, and government agencies in the project area. To do this, we established a system for regular coordination and guidance from higher-level health facilities and the Ministry of Health to clinic staff. This led to an improvement in maternal and child health services. Furthermore, in collaboration with Panasonic Holdings Corporation (Head Office: Osaka; Group CEO: Yuki Kusumi)1, solar power generation systems had been installed in clinics and hospitals that lacked electricity supply, expanding the availability of medical services such as nighttime medical care.

The project is currently in its third phase, which began in June 2023. The goal of this phase is to reduce diarrhea, a disease that can have a serious impact on the health of children2,3.

Shionogi has identified “Improve access to healthcare” as one of the materiality (material issues) to be addressed. We are working to support mothers and children in Africa, while strengthening our partnerships with international partners. Shionogi will continue to work towards the realization of Universal Health Coverage in African region, leveraging the knowledge and networks we have gained through this project.
Mother to Mother Pjoject Phase2


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Notice regarding the Beginning of Solar Power Generation at a Health Facility in Kilifi County, Kenya under the “Mother to Mother SHIONOGI Project”

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- App Development for Diarrhea Prevention in Tanzania -

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