This page covers our policy for human resources development, vision for Shionogi’s human resources, education and training, career development, and remuneration and evaluation system.

Secure Human Resources to Support Growth

Based on our principle of human resources development, “People are the source of competitiveness,” we are working to “develop and build strong individuals and organizations capable of surviving global competition.” To achieve STS2030, we are visualizing the necessary human resources that we will need in order to realize human resources development that fosters each person’s talents and an environment in which everyone is motivated to work.

Formulating a vision for human resources (Shionogi Way)

To achieve our 2030 Vision to “Building Innovation Platforms to Shape the Future of Healthcare,” which is part of our Medium-Term Business Plan STS2030, we have set forth a new vision for human resources for the Shionogi Group, called the “Shionogi Way: Be the best that you can be to take on new challenges.” The Shionogi Way consists of the Values that are essential to achieving our Vision as well as the Capability/Knowledge that are skills.

So that each employee will take the initiative to polish their skills and become a human resource with exceptional skills, we are promoting human resources policies that will offer a deeper understanding of Shionogi, such as the acquisition of business skills to increase our market competitiveness, our history and current strategy, and directions for the future.


Vision for Shionogi’s Human Resources (Shionogi Way)
Be the best you can be to take on new challenges


・   Be trustworthy

・   Be dauntless in spirit

・   Contribute to society

・   Be bold

・ Build greatness out of diversity


■Key Capabilities

■Shionogi-oriented knowledge

●Technical skills / expertise

●Management skills



■Required for everyone 
●Required for certain positions

For Achieve the Shionogi Way

We are working to develop human resources who embody the ideal form defined by the Shionogi Way. We are developing an environment that enables support from various aspects such as personnel system, challenge incentive system, and education and training.

■ Personnel System

Shionogi has had a job grade-based personnel system since 2013. This system treats employees according to their job grade, regardless of their age, gender, or other traits, and it assesses employees using a combination of a behavioral assessment, which is an absolute evaluation of the behavior that Shionogi desires, and a contribution assessment, which is a relative evaluation of the degree to which each employee is contributing. Starting in fiscal 2021, we are adding our five Values to the behavioral assessment items to reflect the Shionogi Way. We also plan to include all of these Values in the human resources requirements in our human resources system from now on.

With respect to our compensation system, we set compensation at levels that are appropriate for the job based on the labor market, so that we can pay people according to their work. Bonuses are performance-linked so that each employee will benefit based on meeting his/her challenges in contributing to the Company’s growth.

■ Challenger Incentive System

We continue to award the President’s Prize, the winner being chosen from among entries from Japan and abroad. In addition, we launched the “I want to do it!” project in fiscal 2019 to support voluntary initiatives by Shionogi Group employees, and two ideas that received awards have been commercialized.

■ Education and Training

We have strengthened and enhanced education and training based on the Shionogi Way, including basic training for boosting key capabilities at all levels, distributing video content that increases Shionogi-oriented knowledge (Shiopedia), and education for managers that develops management skills so that we have managers who fit the image we desire. We are also strengthening and expanding DX training, which consists of multiple programs aimed at promoting DX company-wide. Besides offering compulsory training tailored to job grades and business units, we have beefed up what we call affiliated programs, which consist of training through self-learning so that employees can acquire exceptional skills. In addition, as a self-investment support scheme, since fiscal 2019, we have been offering support of up to ¥250,000 per year to union-level employees for self-investment. In fiscal 2020, about 2,300 people used this system, and support totaled about ¥170 million, more than double the prior year’s amounts.

■ Overview of Shionogi’s Human Resources Development Programs

For the development of human resources with sharp strengths, training for each level from young to mid-career and executives, training to learn various business skills and knowledge from basic to specialized level, career development support such as career interviews By combining on-the-job training (OJT) with self-development support such as self-investment support system and affiliate program, we will create an education provision system that responds firmly to employees' voluntary growth motivation.
[Individual Growth] (Vector alignment) [Organizational Growth] = Successful implementation of business strategy

Shionogi's career development

Shionogi defines career as the action of considering self-discipline necessary to contribute to Shionogi taking advantage of strengths of each individual, paying attention to own relative competitiveness, and linking the individual growth to organizational growth through work. Based on this definition, it has formulated its Career Development Program.
Managers hold dialogue with their subordinates using the Future Career Projection, a tool to encourage employees to autonomously think about their career, and the Footprints of Career Development, a tool for managers to assist the growth of their subordinates. Managers faithfully care for desires of their subordinates and support their investment in themselves toward the achievement thereof.
[Individual] "Self-motivation" Injects value Increased labor market value [Shionogi] "Support" Provides activity arena Creates opportunities / Mutual commitment  to communication {Future career projection (Career design sheet)}
As part of the Career Development Program, Shionogi has introduced the internal job posting system. The objective of the internal job posting system is to support employees who voluntarily take on challenges and to further enhance the organizational strength.

Strengthening managers and nurturing the next generation of leaders

■ Strengthening managers

The success of STS2030 hinges on bolstering our managers, as Shionogi’s managers are required to support employees’ growth, promote transformation of the workplace, and maximize the outputs of the entire organization. With this in mind, in fiscal 2020, we launched PJ-KANAME, a new program for manager development aimed at all domestic managers that stresses managers’ personal growth, sophisticated decision-making skills, and a commitment to grow both employees and the organization.

In Project KANAME, "Penetration and practice of medium-term management plan STS2030", "Decision-making / decision-making", "Labor / goal management / personnel evaluation", "DX", "Business creation", "Overseas support", "Logical writing" A wide variety of programs such as "power" and "basic management knowledge" are provided, from management strategy and human resource management to DX and new business creation. Is designed to help you improve your level by continuing to learn every day. In fiscal 2020, we set up 27 programs and provided 190 hours of education, which is about 10% of the manager's working hours. By strengthening the qualities that a Shionogi manager should have, we will achieve a higher dimension of sophisticated decision making that incorporates our management and business strategies and our training and management of human resources, which are the fount of competition.

People who contribute to the growth of the company by refining the strengths of people / organizations and making responsible decisions.
To that end, learn and challenge more than anyone else.

Mission: What to do as a manager

• Develop human resources and contribute to the sustainable growth of the company / society through OJT and appropriate evaluation.

• Create challenging organizations and maximize organizational outcomes through optimal and swift decision making.

■ The President’s Management Seminar

The President’s Management Seminar, which is led by the President in person, is a forum set up in 2012 to cultivate senior management candidates. Each year around ten candidates are selected to participate in a total of seven to nine seminars held roughly every month over the course of the year.  Through this program, Shionogi cultivates its next generation of leaders by developing diverse human resources with a tenacious approach who can consider issues from a company-wide perspective.

■ Senior management development through management at group companies

Experience at Group companies’ Senior management candidates take on roles as presidents, non-executive directors, and auditors of Group companies, where they gain management experience. The president of the Shionogi Group himself confirms the content of discussions at Group companies. At the twice-yearly general meeting of shareholders and at business briefing events, the president of the Shionogi Group and officers of Group companies are engaged in comprehensive discussion, providing them with a forum to deepen their understanding of the stakeholder perspective and hone their business instincts.

■ Divisional rotation of corporate officers

Shionogi carries out a system of corporate officer rotation across divisions. This rotation allows corporate officers to experience management of a number of divisions so that they can practice management not as the representative of one division but from a company-wide perspective.

Remuneration and Evaluation System

  • “People are the source of competitiveness” is Shionogi’s principle for human resources development. Under this principle, aiming to “develop and build strong individuals and organizations capable of surviving global competitions” and help achieve growth through work, Shionogi has established its personnel system based on the concepts of “work is the basis,” “behavior change” and “creation of achievements.”
  • The personnel system is also designed to develop highly specialized personnel, in which the definition of “highly specialized personnel” and how such personnel can significantly contribute to the performance of the Company/department are clarified, so as to enable employees to achieve self-fulfillment.
  • Evaluation of employees focuses on their degree of contribution to the Company/organization (creation of achievements) and processes that lead to the achievements (behavior change), which are reflected on their treatment. In view of the concepts of the personnel system, remuneration is linked to the business performance and a part of earnings are allocated to employees according to their contribution. The objective of this system is to make employees interested in the Company’s business performance and feel involved in business management, so that both Company and individuals can grow together.

Outline of the evaluation system

Evaluate the achievements obtained through the performance of duties (creation of achievements) and the actions and processes taken (behavior change).

Comprehensively determine the creation of achievements and the behavior change and reflect them in treatment.