This page covers our approach and initiatives for stable supply.
Shionogi undertakes analysis of procurement risk for each product and responds through multisourcing and designation of safe inventory levels. By implementing this management cycle, we work to strengthen our system of stable supply. At the three Shionogi plants, we have put in place risk management and business continuity management systems to prepare for the event of suspension of operations through earthquake, fire, explosion, new strains of influenza, terrorist attacks or other major disasters and to facilitate rapid recovery and continuity.
In this way, we work to ensure a system that will allow us to fulfill our responsibility to provide a stable market supply in all eventualities. 
We maintain regular communication with significant contract manufacturers and suppliers in Japan and overseas to ensure that they share the Shionogi approach to stable supply and to set key performance indicators as common reference points to promote mutual understanding and strengthen coordination.
We support the Principles set out in PSCI[*1] (whose code of conduct we require business partners to comply with) and, by complying with Japanese subcontracting law and other relevant regulations, we ensure that procurement activity is founded on honesty, fairness, equity, and transparency. At the same time, we work for sustained increase in corporate value so as to win still greater trust from our stakeholders. 
  1. ※1
    PSCI: Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (a non-profit body formed by more than 40 pharmaceutical companies worldwide to promote CSR-based procurement in the pharmaceutical industry)