This page covers our approach to counterfeit medicines and countermeasures.

There is an increasing risk worldwide from counterfeit medicines, which not only represent a missed opportunity for patient treatment but may also result in health damage. SHIONOGI Group believes that, in addition to reliably delivering products to patients around the world living with disease, we also need to protect patients through initiatives to prevent the counterfeiting of medicines. To do this, SHIONOGI Group not only participates in industry activities to prevent the circulation of counterfeit medicines, but is also working under the lead of the Quality Assurance Department on a product security strategy through the Global Anti-Counterfeit Committee, whose members are drawn from various functions in Japan, the US, and Europe. Within Japan, in response to the case of a counterfeit version of a hepatitis C therapeutic drug that emerged in January 2017, a range of ministerial ordinances have been revised, resulting in a major review of in-house distribution management procedures and a comprehensive inspection of drug package seals and other areas. Going forward, we will carry on with continuous improvement of sealing, packaging and other areas, staying abreast of technological advances and of practice across the rest of the industry.