At Shionogi, we have built up a company-wide management system based on the Shionogi Group EHS Policy, whose EHS activities embrace not only the Group but also its supplier partners.

Appropriately managing chemical substances

Appropriately managing chemical substances image

We have established voluntary management standards based on laws related to chemical substances and are implementing proper management. In addition to the PRTR legistlation, we comply with various laws, and strive to reduce risks and give transparent consideration to the impact on the natural environment, the safety of our employees, and the safety of local residents.

Protecting water resources

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Shionogi is working to protect water resources by using them more effectively and managing wastewater quality. In addition to our efforts to conserve water, we set voluntary standards for wastewater quality that exceed mandated levels and carry out constant monitoring.

Safety management of biological samples

Safety management of biological samples
We strive to ensure safe and proper handling, ensure the safety of handlers, and prevent the spread of samples in accordance with the relevant laws.

In-house training

In-house training

We provide necessary training to all researchers every year after joining the company.

Recycling of resources and green purchasing

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The garbage generated in the office is separated finely and the recycling is promoted. In addition, we regularly conduct garbage separation education in online education.