Shionogi selected as a member of the “SOMPO Sustainability Index” for the 10th consecutive year

OSAKA, Japan, July, 7, 2021 - Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Shionogi") announced that, for the 10th consecutive year, Shionogi was selected as a member of the SOMPO Sustainability Index, an index managed by SOMPO Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“SOMPO Asset Management”) and used for the company's “SOMPO Sustainable Management1” investment product.


“SOMPO Sustainable Management” is an investment product for pension funds and institutional investors that invests in a wide range of companies with strong reputations for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESGs). SOMPO Asset Management manages long-term investments based on its own SOMPO Sustainability Index, which is composed of approximately 300 companies with outstanding ESG-related initiatives. This index is reviewed based on a yearly ESG assessment2.


We are maintaining our commitment to responsibly address and continuously strengthen our response to various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, thereby contributing to the creation of a sustainable society and concomitantly driving the company’s growth. Based on that commitment, we hope to continue to be regarded as a valuable company by all of our stakeholders, now and in the future.



1 About SOMPO Sustainable Investment



2 Evaluation results of “Beech Woods Environment Questionnaires” and “ESG Management Survey” (formerly Integrax Survey) conducted by SOMPO Risk Management Co., Ltd.