Shionogi Received a “Special Award” in the Category of Corporate Environmental Sustainability of the Ministry of the Environment’s 3rd ESG Finance Awards Japan

OSAKA, Japan, March 3, 2022 - Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka, Japan;

President and CEO: Isao Teshirogi, Ph.D.; hereafter "Shionogi") has announced Shionogi received the Special Award in the category of Corporate Environmental Sustainability at the Ministry of the Environment’s 3rd ESG Finance Awards Japan.


The "ESG Finance Awards Japan" was established by the Ministry of the Environment for the purpose of sharing advanced initiatives in ESG finance and environmentally / socially sustainable business and promoting and propagating ESG finance. The “Corporate Environmental Sustainability category” was established to recognize companies and to highlight examples of “Environmentally Sustainable Corporations” incorporating important environmental opportunities and risks into their management strategies and creating positive effects on the environment while increasing corporate value.


With respect to this award, Shionogi was positively evaluated for the following:

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Shionogi has identified "Protect people worldwide from the threat of infectious disease" as a material issue, and is focused on the development of therapeutic agents for viral infectious diseases and the three major infectious diseases.

As a company with strengths in infectious disease, Shionogi is not only involved in drug discovery, but also in managing the impact of waste water from the antimicrobial drug manufacturing process (both its own and its suppliers’), on the natural environment. Shionogi's efforts to deal with SBT in climate change and with waste plastics, through the use of biomass bottles and recycled PET films for product containers, are generally advanced. As a pharmaceutical company, it is actively working to reduce the negative impact of public and environment health issues including antimicrobial resistance (AMR), water resource sufficiency, waste management, etc., and transparently discloses the relevant information in an independent report.

Shionogi has identified "Protect the Environment" as one of our key focus areas. Based on "The Company Policy of Shionogi", "Shionogi Group Code of Conduct" and "Shionogi Group EHS※2 Policy", we have set mid-to-long term environmental action targets, and are taking the appropriate environmental initiatives in our business activities. Moreover, we engage with our business partners and require them to adhere to the "Shionogi Group Business Partner Code of Conduct". We will responsibly address, and augment our responses to, various environmental and social issues, along with our business partners and suppliers, thereby contributing to the creation of a sustainable society while compatibly advancing the company’s growth. Based on that approach, we will continue our concerted effort to be a company recognized as valuable now and in the future by all stakeholders.



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About the decision of the winners of the 3rd "ESG Finance Awards Japan"  (Japanese version only)