SHIONOGI Integrated Report 2022 Won Silver Award in the WICI Japan Integrated Report Award 2022

OSAKA, Japan, November 21, 2022 - Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka, Japan; Chief Executive Officer: Isao Teshirogi, Ph.D.) announced that, in the WICI Japan Integrated Report Award 2022 hosted by WICI Japan, SHIONOGI Integrated Report 2022 (hereafter "Integrated Report 2022") won Silver Award, which is given to companies that prepare integrated reports that can serve as a model for other companies by creating excellent integrated reports that include important content for an integrated report and integrate financial and non-financial data.

The content of the Integrated Report 2022 was improved further to provide our stakeholders with information on SHIONOGI Group's activities, with a focus on the following. We believe that it was positively evaluated for these points.

・It showed how SHIONOGI Group is trying to transform into a HaaS* company as advocated in our medium-term business plan “STS2030” by highlighting the mechanism of value creation for each materiality of the Group and described the past progress and remaining issues using specific efforts and related indicators.
・It included details of SHIONOGI Group’s responses as a leading company in infectious diseases to end the COVID-19 pandemic and reported on the development history of treatment drugs and prophylactic vaccines
・It also covered SHIONOGI Group’s preparedness against possible future emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, as well as our efforts in psychiatric and neurological diseases and pain, the Group’s focus area along with infectious diseases.

* Healthcare as a Service: To provide various healthcare services to meet customer needs, in addition to providing pharmaceuticals


The SHIONOGI Group will continue to strive to enrich our information disclosure so that all of our stakeholders can better understand the Group’s value creation story and use it in their engagement with the Group.

The SHIONOGI Group will continue to progress and expand sustainability activities toward the realization of the SDGs and continuously work to ensure that "corporate growth" is aligned with "contribution to a sustainable society" through our business. We will strive continuously to grow as a company that is contributes to all of our stakeholders.



About WICI Japan

WICI Japan was established in 2008 as the Japanese chapter of the World Intellectual Capital/Assets Initiative (WICI) and became a general incorporated association in October 2020.

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About WICI Japan Integrated Report Award*

The WICI Japan Integrated Report Award is an award system created by WICI Japan in 2013 as a way to promote integrated reporting in Japan. Now in its 10th year, the Award reviews integrated reports issued by listed Japanese companies on an annual basis.

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* Following the transition of WICI Japan to a general incorporated association in October 2020, the “Award for Excellence in Integrated Reporting” was renamed “WICI Japan Integrated Report Award,” and the names of each award were also revised.


About SHIONOGI Integrated Report 2022

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