Recognized by CDP as an “A List Company,” the highest rating, in both the fields of “Climate Change” and “Water Security,” and selected for inclusion on the “Supplier Engagement Leaderboard,” the highest rating in the “Supplier Engagement Rating”

We continued to be praised for its efforts to address climate change and water security, and received the highest rating of “A” in both categories of “Climate Change” and “Water Security” from CDP,*1 an international NPO promoting environmental information disclosure. In addition, wewere selected for the third consecutive year for inclusion on the “Supplier Engagement Leaderboard,” which is the highest rating in the CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating (SER), in the category of “Climate Change.”


Under its Company Policy and its Code of Conduct, the SHIONOGI Group has identified “Protect the environment” as one of its material issues (materiality) to be addressed, and promotes environmental initiatives in all business activities. We have also established the SHIONOGI Group Business Partner Code of Conduct and have promoted activities that encourage our business partners in the supply chain to comply with it. We believe that these continuous efforts were highly evaluated, as was the case last year.


*1 CDP

CDP is a non-profit organization whose main activities involve requesting companies and local governments to disclose information on their actions for climate change control, water resource protection, forest conservation, and other environmental issues based on the request of institutional investors and major corporate clients around the world with a strong interest in environmental issues, thereby promoting actions to tackle environmental issues. CDP is now one of the world’s most useful information disclosure platforms on environmental issues.

See this website for details. (External website)

Certified as the First Eco-First Company in the Pharmaceutical Industry as an Environmentally Advanced Company

Under the Eco-First Program*2 promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, we submitted the Eco-First Promise that summarizes its environmental conservation initiative goals to the Minister of the Environment, and on April 5, 2023, it became the first pharmaceutical company to be certified as an Eco-First Company.
This Eco-First Company certification means that the SHIONOGI Group’s environmental initiatives, such as those described below, and its commitment to the future were evaluated as “advanced, unique, and industry-leading,” which is a requirement for certification:
  - Proper management of the release of antimicrobials into the environment, which we have worked on responsibly as a company that handles infectious disease drugs
  - Actions against climate change
  - “Resource Recycling Project (horizontal recycling of label mounts)” of Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd.
  - “Reforesting Kombu Project (conservation of natural Gagome kombu)” of Shionogi Healthcare Co., Ltd.
See the website of the Ministry of the Environment (Eco-First Program > Promise of Each Company [in Japanese]) ( for more information on the Eco-First Promise we submitted. (External website)

*2 Eco-First Program

A program under which the Minister of the Environment certifies companies that pledge to the minister their own environmental conservation initiatives, such as global warming countermeasures and waste/recycling countermeasures, and conduct advanced, unique, and industry-leading business activities in the field of the environment (environmentally advanced companies in the industry) as Eco-First Companies

First application of a horizontal recycling scheme for label mounts to labels for ampoule injections

In March 2023, Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd. applied the horizontal recycling*3 scheme for recyclable label mounts*4 to labels for commercially produced ampoule injections for the first time, and began collecting used label mounts. This is the result of Shionogi Pharma’s participation in the Resource Recycling Project*5 aimed at horizontally recycling label mounts and in demonstration experiments.

By gradually expanding the application of this scheme to labels for nine types of ampule injections of the SHIONOGI Group, Shionogi Pharma is expected to contribute to the reduction of waste generated (about 0.5 tons/year), the improvement of the reuse/recycling rate of waste plastic, and the reduction of CO2 emissions (about 0.5 tons/year). In addition, we will make further contributions by expanding the horizontal recycling scheme to labels for other medical drugs, including vials and packaging boxes.


*3 Recycling whereby used products are processed into raw materials to recreate the same type of products. It is generally difficult to recycle label mounts because they are coated with a resin material to prevent them from adhering to the label glue.

*4 Label mounts (release paper, separator) to protect the adhesive side of the label. 

*5 A cross-industry collaboration project that considers and promotes environmentally friendly initiatives to eliminate label mount waste by replacing label mounts, which have previously been discarded or incinerated without being collected or reused as resources, with “recycle-specific mounts” made from recycled PET.