To ensure the safety and health of employees and create a comfortable working environment, we are continuously working to build an appropriate management system and improve the chemical substance management system, which poses a high risk for health and safety management.

Ways of working during COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have applied leave with pay (which does not correspond to paid leave) for employees who have been infected with or suspected of being infected with the virus, and for employees who take leave, for example due to the temporary closure of children’s schools.

We also strive to minimize the risk of infection by putting in place safety- and health-conscious work styles, such as work-at-home recommendations, staggered working hours, and private car commuting.

2019 results

Occupational accidents 4 cases
Of which those resulting in lost work time 1 cases
Frequency rate[*1] 0.807
Severity rate[*2] 0.018
The numbers of accidents are those at Shionogi & Co., Ltd. alone, excluding accidents during commuting.
  1. ※1
    Frequency rate: Frequency of accidents; the number of employees killed or injured in occupational accidents per one million total working hours
  2. ※2
    Severity rate: Severity of accidents; the number of work days lost due to occupational accidents per one thousand total working hours

We are proceeding with the acquisition of management system certifications to build an appropriate management system. We are in the process of switching over from OHSAS18001, under which the Settsu Plant and Kanegasaki Plant were certified, to ISO 45001 during fiscal 2020. The Tokushima Plant is also working toward new certification acquisitions.

The plants have in-house criteria for goal-oriented performance progress management and risk management. Criteria-based risk assessment is conducted with a focus on risk items identified as particularly important. Criteria are also set for the risk assessment of chemical substances, with the chemicals actually handled in the operations subjected to such assessment. Notifications and other communications of information from administrative authorities are appropriately handled with in-house measures, required formalities, and the like.

To prevent occupational accidents involving chemical substances and realize a safety-secured working environment, we pursue continuous improvement with a focus on the development of the safety data sheet (SDS)-based management system and the enhancement of guidelines concerning chemical hazards.

Guidelines concerning chemical hazards

The development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products sometimes involve the handling of chemical substances whose use is not restricted under law because little information is available on their toxicity and other possibly hazardous properties. In handling such chemicals, it is essential to assess related risks from the standpoint of the health and safety of not only patients but also related personnel, establishing and maintaining facilities capable of containing the chemicals up to the level where employee health can be assured. To prevent occupational accidents involving chemical substances and realize a safety-secured working environment, Shionogi is working on the enhancement of guidelines concerning chemical hazards in conformity with representative global standards.

Vehicles for sales activities

To reduce road accidents involving Shionogi’s vehicles used for sales activities, we have taken both tangible and intangible measures. Tangible measures include the introduction of vehicles installed with an automatic braking system and an around-view monitor system and the scheduled gradual introduction of telematics,[*1] which we have started examining to collect driving records. As intangible measures, road safety campaign slogans are adopted, and road safety seminars and workshops are held to raise employees’ awareness of the importance of safe driving on a daily basis.
  1. ※1
    Telematics: Internet-based centralized management of vehicles to improve their safety and security functions and conveniences aided by informatics.


Reiwa Era Year One Commendation for Health and Safety (Encouragement Award)
by the Director of the Tokushima Labor Bureau (Shionogi Pharma Chemicals Tokushima Plant)

The Tokushima Plant of Shionogi Pharma Chemicals Co., Ltd. was officially commended in recognition of its model operation: no operational accidents resulting in lost work time since the end of June 2011 and strong commitment to health and safety activities, including the safety assessment of chemical processes based on a management plan and the active (frequent), accurate and appropriate implementation of chemical substance management. In other words, the Tokushima Plant has been recognized as being exemplary vis-à-vis other industrial sites in its approach to health and safety challenges.

Tokushima Plant personnel with the certificate of commendation
Tokushima Plant personnel with the certificate of commendation